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2 points by i4cu 612 days ago | link | parent

> ... but sounds hacky

That's because it is a hack (as mentioned in my original comment edit#1).

My comments are only intended provide whatever help I can towards the original posting context which suggested a strict CSP criteria.

None of these things have to be done. It's up to you to decide, so really the question becomes what are you doing it for? Are you building a news site for a community of a few thousand people in a niche group? or are you making a news app that others can buy into for their own product/uses? The latter would make me want to ensure it's CSP capable, while the former - not so much.

> It will be difficult to deal with some styling functions from Arc, like 'grayrange'...

I would just create 10 or 20 or whatever number of css entries that act as a segmented gradient (call them .color-reduct1 to .color-reduct10) then create a server side function that takes the output value of grayrange and picks one the css entries. Then add that class to the html element and you're good to go. It's not a perfect gradient but it would be enough that I doubt it would make any noticeable difference.

Js is also an option, but then you have to store and pass the score into the js calculation which requires much more work then the above solution. Plus it forces you to expose the score (which HN no longer does)

> I wonder in which file the CSP would need to be implemented in Arc, or whether it's easier to set them in an Nginx config.

If you want to make code that's generic and useable by others then it needs to be in arc (not everyone will use Nginx). I suggested using arc templates [1] already and I still think this is the right way go. Establish the base template definition in srv.arc and then each app can modify that base template from their app file. Additionally allowing defop to optionally pass in over-rides will make it dynamic if you need that variance.

I'm sure there are dozen ways to do it, but that's my suggestion anyway.