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4 points by i4cu 31 days ago | link | parent

> What's needed is the ability to pass custom headers from the application to srv.arc

There is the possibility of just putting the CSP into a meta tag within the page header, but I didn't suggest that because not all CSP options are available when using the meta tag.

I think you're right in that being able to dynamically add headers is the right way to go. When I moved from arc to clojure I did this by implementing something like arc templates [1] and used them to pass attributes through to the server ops. I ended up with a 'defop' like call that took an options hash-map argument (i.e. a template instance) which then generated the headers dynamically (with built in sane defaults).


> A lot of that can be removed altogether by removing the table layout and just using a basic grid...

Yeah the whole thing should get HTML5-alived. CSS, JS and web-standards have evolved significantly since the app was originally written.