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(= (lst.0 'key) 'value) doesn't work for list contained a table
1 point by zhtw 3572 days ago | 2 comments

  (let lst (list (table))
    (= (lst.0 'key) 'value))
says Error: "Can't invert ((lst 0) (quote key))" while this

  (let lst (list (table))
    (= ((lst 0) 'key) 'value))
works well. Is it a bug?

1 point by almkglor 3572 days ago | link

Is this the classic PG ArcN from ? I think it's a bug in that version only, which fails with symbol syntax.


1 point by zhtw 3571 days ago | link

Yes. So now I really have to switch to your branch of Arc. (Just didn't want to do it while everything was working in originall Arc2.)