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2 points by i4cu 1183 days ago | link | parent

> How useful would Arc be in a production system?

I've used it in production at multi-national organizations.

In fact that's how I learned to code. 10 years ago I was a business analyst who couldn't get the dev group to work on my projects in a timely fashion. The ability to use arc was in reach for me, even though I had no programming experience at all.

I actually wrote and released 2 internal apps and 1 external app that had good use (a few hundred users using it daily/weekly to get their jobs done). This was in production for a few years until I left in 2012. I'm pretty sure they're not using these apps anymore.

> What sorts of systems would it excel in and what sorts would it be unsuitable for?

I think its primary strength is the short learning curve. I also I think it's unsuitable for anything which needs to use existing db connections. Even though I did hacks to make that work it's the primary reason my apps could not be adopted by the dev group.

> What could be done to alleviate for Arc’s lack of features?

  * better db integration
Or if there's no interest in db integration then make it focused on compiling to js for mobile devices where db integration is less of an issue.


> In fact that's how I learned to code. 10 years ago...

lol, my first post on arc from 10 years ago:

It's kind of ironic my first post was about a most recent topic[1]:

  "After playing for a bit I noticed my "set x" functions were 
  clobbering each I started converting all my function to use 
  "let" statements."

 "why wouldn't the ARChitects of LISP or ARC make a set like 
  function that is global within a function ?

Also, It's really embarrassing reading my old noobish questions/comments. I think we need to take this forum down and start a new one to preserve any sense of pride I could possibly have. :)

3 points by jsgrahamus 1183 days ago | link

Thanks for this, "Thaddeus".

Regarding db integration, I recently read a bit on Jarc (arc on Java -, and the author specifically added in that ability.


4 points by akkartik 1183 days ago | link

Wait, you're thaddeus?!


3 points by i4cu 1183 days ago | link

Yep... I thought you knew..


2 points by akkartik 1183 days ago | link

Ah! Sorry, my memory's not so great these days.


3 points by rocketnia 1183 days ago | link

I totally forgot this too. XD