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Running in DrRacket?
2 points by nupa 17 days ago | 3 comments
Is it possible to access the arc repl in DrRacket, say by doing `#lang anarki` ? Currently I'm getting the error

#%module-begin: bad syntax in: (#%module-begin)

Interactions disabled: anarki/lang/module-begin does not support a REPL (no #%top-interaction)

4 points by rocketnia 17 days ago | link

The simple answer is no, there is no particularly good way to access the Anarki REPL in DrRacket at the moment.

There is a `#lang anarki`, but as far as I know nobody has used it yet. I only gave it a minimal amount of support to make it possible to use Anarki to write modules Racket code could (require ...), and I didn't pay any attention to DrRacket.

I recommend ignoring `#lang anarki` for now, because it might be subject to change as we figure out more of what things like DrRacket need from it.

Instead, I recommend running Anarki from the command line if you can, as described in the Anarki readme:

Are you on Windows? Most of the instructions don't talk about Windows yet, but it's still possible there.

To open a REPL:

Linux and macOS:


If you've written a file of Anarki code in my-code.arc, you can run it like so:

Linux and macOS:

  ./ -n my-code.arc

  .\arc my-code.arc
All these commands must be run from the Anarki directory (where and arc.cmd are).


2 points by nupa 16 days ago | link

Thanks! And yes I'm on windows, although that command didn't work at first -- protip, you can't run it from a powershell prompt, it has to be a cmd prompt. Weird.


1 point by rocketnia 16 days ago | link

Interesting, 'cause I even tested it at a powershell prompt to make sure before I posted. What problems were you seeing?