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Tell Arc: Arc 3.2
7 points by sctb 23 days ago | 5 comments
We've updated the install page ( with a minimally-updated distribution of Arc suitable for the latest versions of Racket.

Thanks to Kartik Agaram, Pelle Hjek, waterhouse, Ross Angle, and the rest of the Arc hackers here!

4 points by zck 22 days ago | link

Whoa, that's awesome. Thanks!

Anything we can do to help get more Arc out?


5 points by shawn 19 days ago | link

Here's the full diff:


3 points by hjek 21 days ago | link

Thanks for fixing the install instructions, too!


2 points by rocketnia 12 days ago | link

It's good to see this. Thank you! :)


4 points by akkartik 23 days ago | link

Thanks so much, Scott!