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Problem with assignment
5 points by jsgrahamus 1307 days ago | 8 comments
Following along with tutorial with arc3.1:

  arc> (= s "foo")

  arc> s

  arc> (= (s 0) #\m)
  Error: "string-set!: contract violation\n   expected: (and/c string? (not/c immutable?))\n   given: \"foo\"\n  argument position: 1st\n  other arguments...:\n   0\n   #\\m"

2 points by akkartik 1307 days ago | link

Yes, this is a bug in Arc 3.1: [1]

Use Anarki or Anarki's stable branch. The latter is like Arc 3.1 but with a couple of bugfixes.

More details:

[1] via google: ' string-set contract violation' :D


2 points by jsgrahamus 1305 days ago | link

Windows 10: When I put the anarki folder in D:\, calling it worked fine.

However, when I put the folder in D:\Steve - D\Apps\, I got the following: D:\Steve - D\Apps\anarki>arc.cmd default-load-handler: cannot open module file module path: #<path:D:\Steve> path: D:\Steve system error: The system cannot find the file specified.; errid=2

I figure it has to do with spaces in the pathname, but unsure how to fix it.


3 points by akkartik 1305 days ago | link

It sounds like we need to put quotes around the '%arc_dir%boot.rkt' in arc.cmd:

Can you check if that fixes it?


3 points by jsgrahamus 1304 days ago | link

That did it.

Thanks, akkartik!


2 points by akkartik 1304 days ago | link

Thanks! Wanna submit a Pull Request? ^_^

Not a big deal, I can do it too. But if it's easy you'd get to add your name to the repo :) Let me know.


3 points by jsgrahamus 1303 days ago | link

Sure. Never done such before. Where are instructions for it?


2 points by akkartik 1303 days ago | link

Maybe this will get too involved. Do you have experience with git, say making commits and so on?

Wanna switch to email? If you click on my username, my profile has my email address.


3 points by jsgrahamus 1307 days ago | link

Invoked by racket -f as.scm