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Using arc with Emacs
2 points by jsgrahamus 2499 days ago | 3 comments
I have reviewed some posts on this and I don't get a positive feel for how this is done.

Anybody using this or know how to?

Thanks, Steve

3 points by zck 2499 days ago | link

I open up a shell in Emacs (M-x shell), then run Arc manually. You have to explicitly `load` things from the REPL; there isn't any SLIME-like communication between other buffers and the shell. This doesn't seem to work right now with Anarki, but it does with Arc3.1


3 points by akkartik 2499 days ago | link

As a tangent, I use vim, tmux and to send expressions to the repl.


2 points by zck 2499 days ago | link

I realized just now that you're using Windows, on which I have no idea if Anarki works inside Emacs. So you should try it and see what happens.