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Responding to my own post is kind of tacky, but it's a good place for me to throw out ideas.

One thing for certain is that I think documentation for newbies needs to be improved HEAVILY. For anyone starting out, they should be able to get a basic application up and running in no time. Still need to figure out a way to host it somewhere.


3 points by akkartik 869 days ago | link

"..documentation for newbies needs to be improved HEAVILY."

Can you clarify what documentation you're thinking of?


3 points by TheShadowrunner 869 days ago | link

For sure!

If you've seen something like the Rust Handbook, that would be one end-goal of documentation I would want to implement. For most other programming languages, there's a multitude of resources available for people to study and learn with. Arc just has a couple of web pages focused towards it, to be honest. We have the tutorial and the various documentation on the different functions of the Arc language.So, I DID spot a couple of web pages, but I'm not so sure if they'll be helpful for new programmers to the language.

Thoughts, criticism, complaints?


4 points by akkartik 869 days ago | link

"..I DID spot a couple of web pages.."

I was wondering which pages you're aware of, since that will help put your statements in context. Can you share a few links?

I no longer do much programming in Arc. I mostly just hang out here to talk about interesting programming language ideas, and to answer any questions from newcomers. It's unclear how much benefit there is in polishing a language nobody uses. But if you choose to create new docs I'd love to help proof-read them. Who knows, maybe I'll even be inspired to contribute.